Miller and Kreisel Servo Subwoofer The Volkswoofer - Loud Hum Buzz repair

Another Miller and Kreisel amp internals sent in for repair. This time it is an early Volkswoofer from MK. I did replace all of the electrolytic capacitors and serviced the bass level pot too. I replaced the red LED indicator and the burnt dropping resistor also. I added extra heat sink compound the the output IC to extend its life as well.

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00:00 Intro and first look
01:10 The power supply
02:02 Checking voltages on power supply
02:54 ESR power supply capacitors
03:38 ESR small electrolytic capacitors
04:24 The burnt resistor
04:52 Power applied before repair
05:49 Calculating LED resistor value
07:06 The replacement capacitors
07:28 Replacing all capacitors
08:55 ESR all old capacitors
10:06 Adding more heat sink compound
11:00 After repair testing
11:56 Servicing the Allen Bradley pot with Deoxit D5
14:43 Adding some hot glue to the radial capacitor
15:31 Final thoughts
16:04 Closing words
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