MINDSET 101: Thoughts On A New Subliminal Formula (believe me, everyone needs to watch this!)

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Mindset 101: My thoughts on subliminal formula
This is a new series on my channel. I'm gonna tell you my thoughts or give a clarification about a few myths in subliminal community,

As one of the submakers who is actively create a new formula, this is my thought about it.
I never want to overcomplicate subs. I also never tell the others that complicated subs will work better or suggest them to use it instead.

I just create it out my curiosity and willingness to find something better thus I can help more people out there too.

I hope this video can help you to change your mindset and thought,
Trying new formula or trying extremely detailed subs doesn't mean that you lose your hope on the simple subs.
There is nothing wrong with using both of them, it means that put more effort on yourself!
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