Mirror Trading International Update: Bitcoin Recovered By FSCA

Mirror Trading International was one of the biggest ponzi schemes South Africa has ever seen and recently the FSCA has recovered Bitcoin and handed it over to the appropriate liquidator.

FXChoice, the broker originally used by defunct get-rich-quick scheme Mirror Trading International, has transferred around 1,200 bitcoin that laid frozen in an account since June 2020.

Cheri Marks or Cheri Wards really kept the MTI investors going with false stories trying to play victim.

Even when the FSCA had a fraud warning on Mirror Trading International people still didn't believe it.

When South African authorities raided Cheri Marks home, investors still thought MTI were the victims.

Even when MTi Leaks showed what really was going on with their bitcoin they refused to listen.

I hope everyone is going to search and follow our content moving forward so they don't get into in these pyramid scheme.

According to Chainalysis, Mirror Trading International was the biggest cryptocurrency scam of 2020.

In this video I am going to go over some recent updates on Mirror Trading International.

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