MOOER GE300 | Secrets of the GE300 No One Mentioned | Inside Out Review & Playing | The Best Review

The MOOER GE300 Secrets that no one mentioned. Find out why this guitar effects pedal and amp simulator is probably the best buy and only one you might ever need.

An inside and out most in depth review there is with playing examples.


0:00 Start
0:12 Preamble and Introduction
1:01 The GE300 Secrets no one talks about
4:05 The Main Processing Advantage
6:42 Inside Technology & Quality
9:16 The I/O of the GE300
13:09 The Firmware Upgrade
13:32 About Editing Software
15:35 The Manual
16:17 Possible Firmware U/G Issues
18:38 Why the GE300 Really IS Different
22:27 Silly Plastic Parts!
23:11 Hardware Overview
35:45 Main Screen View & Features
50:13 The Effects Block in Use
1:20:59 The MOOER Studio Software
1:22:57 Using the Editing Studio Software
1:31:18 The GE Labs Software
1:33:45 A GE Labs Problem
1:35:16 GE Labs Features
1:45:30 MOOER Studio Downloads
1:48:17 Summing Up & Conclusions
1:54:41 Review Score
1:57:40 Playing Track 1 09D Liquid Lead
2:00:15 Playing Track 2 13A Plexiii
2:05:42 Playing Track 3 02D Dream Lead
2:11:12 What I failed to demonstrate... TBC!

What you will learn:
What some channels never disclose...
Is the GE300 guitar effects processor unit robust?
What does this simulator pedal cost?
Is the software easy to setup?
How does the MOOER GE300 sound?
Can anyone use this effects processor?
There is so much to learn? How long will that take?

This is one of the longest reviews I have made but one that informs you about this pedal more than any other. Hardware is shown firstly inside and I discuss the technology, components and quality. Then there's the editing program MOOER Studio that's supplied free but has to be downloaded. I show how to use the hardware; you can do almost everything without the software, but then go on to show MOOER Studio in depth; lastly the GE Labs Apple application and how to use it.

I show the complex, but robust important technologies in this unit that make your guitar sound great and the high quality of manufacturing that MOOER are proud of. External connections - all the ins and outs so you can decide if there are adequate connections for your guitar system.

Importantly, I reveal in this review a secret and exactly why the MOOER GE300 is probably one of the best guitar simulators out there for this price and discuss the amplifiers, the cabs and IR's, the individual effects and so much more. But you will be shocked about the secret I reveal because none of the other reviews I have seen even mention one of the most important facts!

Want to upgrade the firmware to version 3.0.1 - I'll show the pitfalls along the way.

Lastly, I show a few (some modified) pre-sets in musical content, the results sound exceptional for the cost of this device and I can confirm that the GE300 can kick in to line many of the competitors out there costing substantially more for often substantially less inside!

So is the GE300 the effects unit guitar amp simulator for you? Check out this review carefully and then you can make an informed decision yourself. It's a high scoring unit in my own assessment, and it should be high on your list of possibilities if you're in the market for an effects processor or tube amplifier simulator with IR capability. Don't always believe those sales or promo videos!

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