MSG is Not Bad for You. Right? | Eat China: Back to Basics S4E2

MSG is a flavor enhancer that people can’t decide if it’s good or bad for you. How did a Japanese invention become associated with Chinese food? And why does it have such a bad rep today? We got the answers here.

This is the second episode of our new season of “Eat China: Back to Basics,” where we answer burning questions you might have about Chinese food.

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0:00 MSG and umami
00:59 What is umami?
03:39 What is MSG?
05:26 “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome”
07:33 Myths are hard to burst

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Producer: Yoyo Chow
Videographer: Jacky Suen, Roy Hu, César del Giudice
Editor: Nicholas Ko
Narration: Victoria Ho
Animation: Stella Yoo
Mastering: Victor Peña

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