My Entire I-Dog Collection 2/9/21 - 70 I-Dogs Dancing - I-Dog Light-Show

Well, the time has officially come. Considering the popularity of I-Dog has risen greatly within the past few weeks, I think now would be a very appropriate time for a collection update AND an epic idog dance party light show. I have exactly 70 I-Dogs excluding the iZ, only two of white are duplicates (plain white amp’d & cotton Candy 2007).
iZ and the Room Tech Beingz aren't really marketed as I-Dogs but I thought they were close enough to them to throw in the video. Mijam Wassup is marketed as I-Spin in Japan which is why that's included as well.
I started collecting in around 2008/2009, what really interested me in idogs was their stunning modern look, how many variations and colors they had, how their lights looked, how they moved, their songs, and how their pitches varied so often. My first I-Dog ever was my blue flowers I-Dog Amp'd and my latest I-Dog ever was my second cotton candy 2007 I-Dog.
This was a ton of fun to make, and took a lot of time wiring up all the speakers I needed to plug in haha, but in the end it was all worth it. You ever wondered what 70 I-Dogs in the dark looks like? Well wonder no more. Really hope y'all enjoy this!

Song Credit: https://ianklug.bandcamp.com/track/i-dog-symphony

Here is a playlist of each of my I-Dogs In action individually:

Every I-Dog Made (Excluding Burger King & McDonalds):

White Sega I-Dog
Pink Lovely Sega I-Dog
Blue Happy Sega I-Dog
Sapporo Sega I-Dog
Atmos Sega I-Dog
Red Sega I-Dog
Yellow Sega I-Dog
Pink Sega I-Dog
Blue Sega I-Dog
Orange Sega I-Dog
Green Sega I-Dog
White 2005 I-Dog (First Generation)
White 2005 I-Dog (Second Generation)
Pink 2005 I-Dog (First Generation)
Pink 2005 I-Dog (Second Generation)
Black 2005 I-Dog (First Generation)
Black 2005 I-Dog (Second Generation)
Blue 2005 I-Dog
Red 2005 I-Dog
Green 2005 I-Dog
Purple 2005 I-Dog
Tiger Striped 2005 I-Dog
Righty Ear Dalmatian 2005 I-Dog
Lefty Ear Dalmatian 2005 I-Dog
Rainbow Dalmatian 2005 I-Dog
Pink Dalmatian 2005 I-Dog
Red Spi-Dog 2005
Black Venom Spi-Dog 2005
White 2007 I-Dog
Pink 2007 I-Dog
Black 2007 I-Dog
Blue 2007 I-Dog
Cotton Candy 2007 I-Dog
Purple 2007 I-Dog
Cow 2005 I-Dog
KISS 2007 I-Dog Paul Stanley
KISS 2007 I-Dog Gene Simmons
KISS 2007 I-Dog Peter Criss
KISS 2007 I-Dog Ace Frehley
Blue Sega I-Dog Mini
Pink Sega I-Dog Mini
Silver Sega I-Dog Mini
Blue 2005 I-Dog Pup
Pink 2005 I-Dog Pup
Silver 2005 I-Dog Pup
Black 2005 I-Dog Pup
Blue 2007 I-Dog Pup
Pink 2007 I-Dog Pup
Orange 2007 I-Dog Pup
Green 2007 SE I-Dog Pup
Pink Floral SE 2007 I-Dog Pup
Green Swirls 2007 I-Dog Pup
White I-Dog Amp’d
Blue Tattoo I-Dog Amp’d
Green Spots I-Dog Amp’d
Pink Butterfly I-Dog Amp’d
Orange Tropics I-Dog Amp’d
Blue Flowers I-Dog Amp’d
Green Circuit I-Dog Amp’d
Pink Flowers I-Dog Amp’d
Black Tattoo I-Dog Amp’d
Blue Floral SE I-Dog Amp’d
Purple Hearts SE I-Dog Amp’d
Creme Floral SE I-Dog Amp’d
Green Swirls SE I-Dog Amp’d
White I-Dog Soft Speaker
Pink I-Dog Soft Speaker
Blue I-Dog Soft Speaker
White w/ Purple Flowers SE I-Dog Soft Speaker
Pink w/ Velvet Flowers SE I-Dog Soft Speaker
Pink Plush Puppy
Purple Plush Puppy
White I-Dog Dance
Black I-Dog Dance
I-Dog Clip
White I-Cat
Black I-Cat
Red I-Cat
Blue I-Spin/Mijam Wassup
Pink I-Spin/Mijam Wassup
Magenta Room Tech Beingz Mood Lamp
Green Room Tech Beingz Mood Lamp
Magenta Room Tech Beingz Alarm Clock
Green Room Tech Beingz Alarm Clock
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