My loadout for the New War

Nothing too fancy, I could've gone full Umbra or Mesa Prime but I just wanted to take my favorite frame on the upcoming New War. I might also switch the glaive prime with the paracesis because 1: sentient slayer, 2: lore stuff. the color scheme for Mag is almost 1:1 to the base skin but I kept the black over the light blue.
The tenet arca is mostly for popping the aerolyst's canisters since aoe doesn't work on them but punch trough does. I didn't recorded my railjack loadout but it's just ironclad matrix for the extra tankyness; ion burn and conic nozzle for speed; predator, section density, hyperstrike, forward artillery and sentient scalpel for damage and revo reducer just to fill space and utility. The rest is blackout pulse, shatter burst and seeker volley, breach quantity and void cloak because I have nothing else to put in tactical. I have pretty much every intrinsics at 8 with piloting at 9 and two gunners with an engineer.
My amp is a Klamora-Certus-Pencha. I don't think any amp will be better but don't use the amp mote for the love of god, it sucks pp. Other than that I run Zenurik.
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