NECK EXPLOSION & Total Spine Crunches *ASMR Chiropractic into Microphone.

Location Mechanicsburg, PA.
~ Condenser Microphone Cracks & Crunches
~ Quiet Face Paper & Quiet Office = ASMR
~ Mindfully Placed Ads ~ Relax
~ Chiropractic Sleep Time Remedy

It's 6:55am and this morning's yoga feels BASIC

Starting at the bottom of the mat, I recreate the scene from Batman Begins, where Bruce Wayne played by Christian Bale does a straight-legged dead man's fall to the floor and lands arms out front in the perfect pushup position

And for a moment I ponder... maybe I could be an eccentric millionaire who dresses up like a bat at night and fights evil clowns and psychotic scarecrows...

Begin push ups... 1,2,3,4,5-50

Basic... training

Have you ever seen the documentary "What The Bleep Do We Know Anyway?"

My friends, this is where it all began for me. My intro to Quantum and the possibility.

It just made sense. Everything clicked. Sticked and still stuck. All of my childhood questions about life were reinvigorated. All of the philosophical boundaries that I could not cross had crumbled. Revealed was the hidden path towards a life that honors the esoteric itch that was previously unscratchable

SCIENCE & SPIRIT were married

And thankfully, quantum wasn't answering any of the deeper mysteries of the universe... it was only giving breath to possibilities

Still stretching the spine... lateral bends left, right, left, right, left hold breathe, right hold breathe

The inclination always existed... and if you're one of the beautiful soul searching spiritual seekers who are still reading a random description box of a chiropractic ASMR video... then you're probably quite itchy too

THE scratch is simple enough

BASIC: Monitor words

Filter the derogatory and negative... Fuel the mind with the language of possibility and positivity. Podcasts, Audiobooks, Holy Books etc... YouTube videos (lmao)


I can't stress... err hold on there's a better word... ah... ENCOURAGE it enough... there is quite the barrel of wisdom and guidance inside the darkness of your mind's silence

Say bye-bye to pessimism, rudeness, and being a punk-ass (like I once was)

At 23 years of age... I was living... diving into a life that I had never seen anyone live but somehow still knew was true

Now in 2022 EVERYONE and their mother knows this kind of way. THANKFULLY. Ever since "The Secret" came out I can find an esoteric conversation in line at the grocery store

However, the distractions are real my grateful friends.

Knowing the way and practicing the way... are not the same

Spine Stretch... Up Dog, Down Dog, Warrier 1, 2, reverse, repeat

And even though it took 20 years... now... I can correctly guess someone's birth month 50% of the time


No, no no no no

The goal was simple... to find the meaning of all this

The basics...
Why am I looking out through these eyes?
What are these hands supposed to do?
Am I even talking?

Have you ever gotten lost in a person's face?
Noses and mouths are weeeeeird!

Or the strange shape of our bodies?
gangly af we are!

Our goofy activities?
You want me to run, ride, swim, fly, roll, slide, skate, skit, skip, blade, board, bounce... IN A CIRCLE... 360 degrees and be right back at the start? Accomplishing what?


Another set of 50, hip openers, shoulder stretches, handstand practice, repeat

repeat as in retry
don't retweet from some lie

life isn't lived by quotations from memes
It's found by unraveling the basic from seams


The streams of thoughts flowing inside of your head
The dreams you aught 2b growing when you get OUT of bed

the way you just know it
before anyone sews it

the seeds and the threads all come from the one

and the feeling you get when you know it's not right
that life isn't meant to be kept from the light

that beings exist bc of solar trans-its
there isn't a maybe... it's miraculous

ugh that was weak... hold on try this (50, dogs, warriors, hips, and shoulders)

It's more than a flower that u may desire
Perhaps it's the power of truth I admire

No no no, that's not me
or someone to be
I'm reflecting you see
your inner beau-ty

4k... I don't think I'm going to make it friends

Some days the flow has no end
other days I'm just in a daze
there is no cheese at the end of this maze
Cuz I'm vegan kind of
but I do like to graze
on creatures that swim
and then cooked on a blaze
and spread with a glaze
I'll eat salmon forever, it's not just a phase

pathetic nonsense and foolery
don't read any of that stuff up there...

I'm still super grateful for you... oh patient breathers and seekers of true

Thanks for the watch, and the read and nodding to the bead


"NECK EXPLOSION & Total Spine Crunches *ASMR Chiropractic into Microphone."

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