New DIY Speakers done! Sound/bass test

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I made this little project with a friend over the last few weeks, to put it simple we basically made whole new enclosures with for the Tangband speakers which we used here:
And then we also added some new tweeters, mid woofers and new crossovers. The enclosures are quite simple, they are single sealed MDF enclosures with just some braces and dampening inside. No real tuning behind this as its not really needed. The crossovers used are Canton Crossovers which I had from some Canton satellite speakers, I thought they were quite good so why not using them here and it turned out pretty good. With the experience, which I gathered over the past 2 years of building speakers, I always manage to make my speakers sound balanced and good without really tuning anything, I just somehow got a really good sense of choosing the right components.
The sound is really balanced and it overall sounds great especially with that 6.5" Subwoofer which you might see in the right corner on the floor. We also put my little logo on the bottom front of the enclosures! :D
Unfortunately I have not a single photo of the build because I sort of wanted to enjoy this build with my friend without this youtube stuff.
Im overall really pleased with this build. A few more builds should be coming soon
Speakers used:
Tweeters: Seas Prestige 27TBC/G - H1147-06 1.1" Aluminium Dome Tweeter
Fullranges: Tangband W8-2145 8" Fullrange speaker
Woofers: DynaLab V22-DR-0003 8" Paper Cone Woofers
Subwoofer: Tang Band W6-1139SIF 6.5" Subwoofer
Main Amplifier: Taga HT800A Hybird Tube Amplifier
Subwoofer Amplifier: Dayton Audio DTA-2.1BT
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