New emerging future tech free-energy generator that could change everything

My videos are for educational purposes only.
This DC motor is a generator and alternator all at once and gives an output of DC 15Ah converted to AC. The concept can work without any external source in case of emergency.
There is a demonstration of how it can work without a battery or external input current at the end of the video.
The output power is coming from the motor and not from the battery, once you charge the battery you can use a bigger inverter to power more devices. It has a self-running mechanism with a relay timer and it is still under tests.
This DC motor generator works as a 110V-220V AC fuel-less generator and as a battery charger at the same time. In fact, the motor and its divided circuit inside acts as an inverter and battery charger all in one.
Very environmental friendly and quiet, it works on low RPM. The concept can be made bigger. The 0.18Kw of output is passing by a regulator to prevent overcharge and can power around 20 bulbs like the ones in the video.
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