couldn't be happier with my new addition, a Gibson ES - 345 TD in Walnut finish from 1970. An absolutely beautiful guitar in both sounds and looks!

thought I'd make a video to show you how great it sounds and talk a little bit about the Varitone switch, another great feature!

I'm plugged into a Blackstar JJN20 using its in built reverb, and using a carbon copy pedal pedal when I mention it for some subtle delay.

let me know what you think in the comments, will be doing another video very soon comparing the Es345 to a Es 330!

Time Stamps ....

(0:00) Intro - Steppin Out Jam
(0:32) Hello and welcome!
(1:18) Normans Old Hat Guitars
(2:00) The Signal Chain, using the Blackstar JJN 20 and a Carbon Copy
(2:29) That famous Blues Riff in B!! (Marty Mc Fly)
(3:48) The History of the ES series
(6:03) Pat Number Pickups
(6:22) Neck Pickup Bluesy Noodling with the fingers
(7:29) Rolling the Volume controls down to explore new sounds
(8:16) Bit of Delay from the Carbon Copy (Playing with She`s Leaving Home Melody - Beatles)
(9:32) Specs of the guitar
(12:42) Future video coming of a comparison between this and a ES 330
(12:58) Clean channel on the amp, some jazzier tones
(13:46) The magic Varitone switch, what does it do?!
(17:48) Hidden Gem Tones, position 6 and 4 (Strawberry Fields)
(18:49) How does it handle higher gain?
(19:55) Gary Moore "Don`t Believe A Word" Jam
(21:12) Not as Feedback Prone as you`d expect!!
(21:52) The guitar acoustically, very resonant
(22:28) Middle Position
(23:44) Looper Jam ("Sloe Gin" style)
(25:13) Thank You For Watching
(26:03) New Video Series Coming soon!
(26:48) Gary Moore "Don`t Believe A Word" Jam

New videos every Sunday morning,

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