NFL Week 4 Picks

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In this edition of NFL Picks our hosts Donnie RightSide and Kyle Purviance sit down to share their analysis and insight of all the news, stats, and stories impacting the NFL odds market for Week 4.

What’s on the menu? Cardinals vs. Rams, Steelers vs. Packers, and Tom Brady goes back to Foxborough to face Bill Belichick for the first time since his move to Tampa bay. Fun Fact: Did you know Brady has beaten 31 of 32 teams in the NFL. The only one missing? The Patriots!

The guys will also be joined by SBR’s expert Kelsey Kramer for her Pick 6 picks of the week for SBR’s NFL contest.

NFL Week 4 Menu:
Intro 0:00
Jaguars vs Bengals 1:39
WFT vs Falcons 16:10
Lions vs Bears 22:06
Titans vs Jets 24:53
Browns vs Vikings 28:54
Colts vs Dolphins 32:42
Panthers vs Cowboys 36:00
Giants vs Saints 38:22
Chiefs vs Eagles 41:31
Texans vs Bills 47:24
Cardinals vs Rams 50:26
Seahawks vs 49ers 52:52
Ravens vs Broncos 56:48
Steelers vs Packers 59:21
Bucs vs Patriots 1:02:25
Kelsey Kramer joins the show 1:07:03

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