Night Tide (1961) Dennis Hopper, Linda Lawson | Horror, Romance | Movie, subtitles

Temptress from the sea...loving...killing!
A young sailor falls in love with a mysterious woman performing as a mermaid at the local carnival. He soon comes to suspect the girl might be a real mermaid who draws men to watery deaths during the full moon.

Director & Writer: Curtis Harrington
Stars: Dennis Hopper, Linda Lawson, Gavin Muir
Genres: Drama, Horror, Romance, Thriller
Budget: $25,000

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00:00:00 Title Credits - full length movie
00:02:20 Shore leave for Johnny (Dennis Hopper)
00:04:37 Making a movie on Mora (Linda Lawson)
00:13:19 Morrow mornin' chez Mora
00:17:17 Chekhov's seagull symbolism
00:22:48 Beach date with a mermaid
00:27:11 Wanna dance for us?
00:31:45 Learning about the police investigation
00:38:05 Captain spills the tea
00:45:00 Confronting Mora
00:49:46 Trip to the fortune teller
00:58:35 My mermaid girlfriend
01:14:54 The beginning of the end
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