NOS TUBE ROLLING with the 12AX7/ECC83 and 6DJ8/ECC88 using the AESTHETIX ROMULUS

Here we go on a small journey of tube rolling which just means changing the Vacuum tubes for different brands. these are all "New Old Stock" tubes from the 50's and 60's from different parts of the globe. Today only a few places make Vacuum tubes, Russia makes the lions share of all the popular named tubes, and they all come from the same factory the Reflektor plant. They vary by little details between brands , then we have JJ Electronic of Slovakia makes some very good tubs now, and before 1989 TESLA was the brand from this company. then there is Shuguang, or Chinese tubes, which have never been good tubes they sound just OK for the most part and are made cheap with thin glass and break all the time , Just recently they have made a push with the Pavane brand which is an attempt at making tubes that compete with Europe and some of those are good tubes, but often overpriced in my opinion. trimming that out are a few specialty companies for tubes like Sophia Electric, Elrog, KR Audio, Emission Labs to name a few boutique, very high quality brands.
So Ours for this purpose are unique and in the case of the CCA very rare indeed.

2:40 Teslovak E83CCS
9:36 Tung Sol 5751
12:08 EICO/Mullard ECC83
15:20 VALVO ECC83
18:05 ITT ECC83
20:29 ITT ECC83 Add VOLUME
25:35 ITT ECC83 stage2 and CCA in Primary stage
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