NUX MG-300 Jam, testing some of my sounds/Fishman Fluence Classic Pickups//No Talking

00:00 Jazz-clean 120/Fishman Voice 1 00:43 Brit800/Fishman Voice 1 01:58 Uber Amp/Fishman Voice 1 05:26 Uber Amp/Fishman Voice 2
Just toyed around with some sounds in the NUX MG-300 Amp Modeller. While doing so i had the idea how they might sound in a Mix and started jamming on a beautiful Jamtrack. I find the sound of the NUX MG-300 quiet impressive and honestly start to like it way more than the sound of my (5x the price BTW) Headrush Gigboard - i played over the same Jamtrack here . What do you think?

Gear. PRS SE Paul's Guitar w/Fishman Fluence Classic Pickups, NUX MG-300
Backingtrack by SJT Backingtracks
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