(NUX MG 300 Pedal Demo/Test with Mini Guitar) This Pentatonic Trap Cured My Mobile Legends Addiction

Testing Nux MG 300 with Aria Pro Stg mini / short scale guitar (3/4 Guitar)
This affordable multi effect pedal, guitar, and practice amp will accompany my long journey as a beginner!

Well, at least this DEADLY beginner pentatonic trap (shape 1) could cure my addiction to Mobile Legends.

Good luck for parents who are trying to bring their children's life back to normal.. and for people out there struggling to get rid of any addictions..

I'm not blaming the game for taking the most of my time.. It was just my bad..

If you find playing Mobile Legends or other games useful for your life and doesn't give you any negatives, then go on.. You are the one who is responsible for your own life..

The video and music was recorded with Realme Narzo 20 using Open Camera + condenser mic. the other camera was Panasonic HC-V180. No audio editing.

My Gear:
Aria Pro Stg mini (3/4 Guitar)
Blackstar LT Echo 15 (Practice amp)
Nux MG 300 (Multi effects pedal)

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