NUX MG300 Hiwatt GILMOUR Style | Clean, Big Muff, Dotted 8th Delay.

NUX MG-300 multi-effects and IR loader Hiwatt amp simulation, Gilmour style. Clean (ShineOnUCrazDiamond), Big Muff (ComfortNumb), Dotted 8th Delay (Wall) based on Gilmour tones. Direct recording. SUBSCRIBE HERE: / Used a Fender Stratocaster MIJ 1996, HSS, Floyd Rose - Tex Mex neck and mid pickups, DiMarzio Paf Pro on bridge.
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*I never make post-edits to the recorded sounds. I leave the sounds captured in the videos exactly as they come out of the pedals or multi effects.
*Eu nunca faço edições posteriores em minhas gravações aqui no canal. Deixo os sons capturados nos vídeos exatamente como saem dos pedais ou multiefeitos.

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►How to direct recording using the GT1/GT100/G5n/ME80/G5/G3/Tonelab EX and ST/ ME25/HD500/HD500x as USB interface (It's the same procedure for this multi-effects):

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