NUX Plexi Crunch Pedal | High gain Marshall tones for $50 with Strat, Tele + Les Paul! Review & Demo

This is the NUX Plexi Crunch overdrive pedal! Built to sound (and look!) like a high gain Marshall amp – what we’d call a Marshall In A Box (or MIAB) – the Plexi Crunch follows the NUX philosophy of giving us guitarists as many usable tones in one pedal as possible, at the most affordable price. Which is less than $50, in this case.

Find out more about the NUX Plexi Crunch here:

The Plexi Crunch, as NUX themselves say, “offers you high gain distortion tone with the character of the famous hot-rodded British valve amps from the golden age of Rock.”

Sounds good to me, but can the Plexi Crunch live up to that lofty billing? In this video, I attempt to find out. I’m not really a high gain Plexi kind of player, but I’ve channeled my inner rock god as much as possible for the playing parts here, and you’ll get to hear the usual mix of indie, classic rock, alt rock, pop punk, and metal riffs too.

I also decided to test the Plexi Crunch with my Fender Stratocaster, my Fender Telecaster and my Epiphone Les Paul to see how it handles the different guitars and pickup types as well, and at the end, I do a nice little loop with each guitar where I tweak the pedal’s controls to show you all the extremes you can get with it.

Here’s the links to the various playing samples and info bits:

00:00 Hello!
00:41 Introduction to the NUX Plexi Crunch and what we’re doing today
01:32 Plexi Crunch controls
02:11 Today’s rig

02:47 Clean reference tones and turning on the Plexi Crunch
03:43 AC/DC inspired classic rock riff
04:34 Hendrix inspired classic rock riff
05:24 Airbourne inspired classic rock riff
06:02 Another Hendrix inspired classic rock riff (neck pickup)
06:54 Indie octave chords riff
08:20 Indie rock barre chords
09:02 Droning open string indie rock riff
09:39 Hard rock riff with guitar volume pot roll off test
11:17 Classic hard rock riff
12:09 Hard rock riff
13:00 Glam rock riff
13:41 Glam metal palm-muted riff
14:41 Foo Fighters inspired modern rock riff
15:31 Modern alternative rock riff
16:13 Chunky alt rock chords
16:59 Pop punk riff
17:40 Punk rock riff
18:23 Pop punk power chords
19:06 Punky grunge riff
19:45 Rage Against The Machine inspired groovy riff (Drop D tuning, neck pickup)
20:34 Progressive rock riff (Drop D tuning)
21:21 Modern rock palm-muted power chords (Drop D tuning)
22:33 Hardcore chugging riff (Drop D tuning)
23:19 Hardcore punk riff (Drop D tuning)
24:05 Mastodon inspired metal riff (Drop D tuning)
24:36 Heavy lead sounds (Drop D tuning)
25:13 Classic heavy metal/sludge riff (Drop D tuning)

26:54 Fender Telecaster hard rock loop
29:39 Fender Stratocaster classic rock loop
31:56 Epiphone Les Paul hard rock loop

34:55 My thoughts – discovering Plexi drive tones
35:21 Price
35:57 Sounds with the three different guitars
39:44 Things I don’t like – build quality
41:18 I’d love a bass EQ control
42:01 Pedal noise
42:21 Final conclusions on the Plexi Crunch
43:31 If you liked this, try my NUX Steel Singer video too

Here’s my NUX Steel Singer video – that one sounds great too (it’s aimed more at Dumble tones than Marshall ones):

My setup was as follows: I ran the Plexi Crunch straight into my Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 head. That went from the Red Box DI straight into my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, which went into Logic Pro X. That's it. No post-processing on the sounds was done. Oh, and I used my TC Electronic Ditto Looper to play the loops.

Here’s some links to those bits of gear:

H&K Black Spirit 200 head:
TC Electronic Ditto Looper:
Focusrite 4i4 (this is the newer equivalent of my 2i4, which they don’t make any more!):


Backing music from the YouTube Audio Library: Duck In The Alley – TrackTribe.

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