NUX Reissue Series Pedal Review: One of the Best Sub $50 Effects Pedal Range

Nux Reissue Series of Effects Pedals:
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This video showcases each of the new NUX analog effects pedals. Each of these pedals come in at under $50 USD ($60 AUD) and sound great. The build quality is very good considering the price-point and the tones speak for themselves. In this video, you'll hear the effects in the context of a backing track.

NUX Steel Singer - Dumble Tones
NUX Analog Delay - Analog Delay Tones
NUX Analog Chorus - 80's Chorus Tones
NUX XTC OD - Bogner Drive Channel Tones
NUX Plexi Crunch - Marshall Amp Tones
NUX Recto Distortion - Mesa-Boogie Amp

Please note: I do not take a cash payment from guitar companies, nor have I been paid by NUX to produce this video. If you want to help support the channel, please use the affiliate links to Sweetwater or Thomann. Many thanks!

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