OFFICIAL | Best 13 amp socket on the market. (55)

Who thought we could re-invent the wheel?
Well this week I thought I'd have a look at the hottest thing to hit the electrical industry since Cory from Artisan Electrics.

The Logic Plus Rapid Fix from MK (Honeywell). This is a 13 amp double pole 2 gang socket outlet, with a few tricks up it's sleeve.
From the front it looks just like an average everyday socket. Spin the thing around and you'll find nowhere to stick your screwdriver!
The colour coded levers are spring loaded terminal clamps! So....


Is this a good thing? well time will tell. It's certainly a nice looking socket with the added perk of being quite easy and fast to install. At the time of this video recording (November 2021) They are priced at £5.99 from Screwfix. See link below. The socket will accept 2.5mm or 4mm cables and can fit into a 25mm back box.

Converting a box room into a working from home office. Sockets were asked for in all four corners of the room to remove the need for extension cords. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to take a look at the screwless terminal socket.

Thank you for watching let me know what you think!

Here it is on the Screwfix website:


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