Old Brave, Angry and Thunderous Piece (2021 Version)... - On PRS SE Standard 24 'Cherry' (July2021)

Composed & Performed by Nelson Soucasaux
Note: this piece has a considerably long history, since originally it dates back from 2015-2016, and was one of my first compositions. I have re-arranged, improved and re-recorded it several times under different titles along the last years. The last title was 'The Killing of the Beasts'. Now, I decided re-recording it once again as part of my experiments with my amp's 'octave mode'. And this time my option was just... giving it a simpler and more 'generic' name...
Nelson Soucasaux - Gynecologist, writer, visual artist, guitarist, composer
Technical info: Amp.: Marshall MG50CFX (Octave Mode) - Pedals.: Boss Compression-Sustainer & Noise Suppressor
Digital Platforms: https://nelsonsoucasaux.bandcamp.com/music
#NewProgressiveGuitar; #DarkProgGuitar; #ScreamingGuitar
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