Old Soul - What's It Like Buying a Six-Year Old, Heavily Used Electric Car?

Kate and her wife recently sold their 2015 BMW i3 and replaced it with an equally old Kia Soul EV. Why? And how does this compliance car perform -- and how well has it stood up -- after six years on the road?

Presenter: Kate Walton-Elliott
Production: Transport Evolved
Graphics: Erin Carlie
Teeshirt: Rainy Day Records Olympia
00:00 - Introduction & History of the Soul EV
01:30 - Not the 2020 Soul EV
02:40 - Kia's EV shift
04:00 - The interior
05:38 - Power and Handling
06:34 - The Battery Pack
07:00 - The link to Kia's newer EVs
08:10 - Rapid charging
08:56 - 2 Way power transfer
09:20 - Driving modes
10:04 - Heating
11:29 - Kia UVO
12:58 - Replacement Keys
14:07 - Why did we do this now?
15:27 - Other options we had
16:38 - Conclusions


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