Old vs. New Strings - GUITAR METAL BATTLE! - How Do Old Guitar Strings Affect Your Playing?

A new episode of GUITAR METAL BATTLE after last episode: "Does a cheap guitar suck?" This time we take a look at how or even if old guitar strings will affect the audio and playing quality of your guitar! Do you need to change your strings every month? Or can you play your guitar strings until they break? Will the sound suck a lot? Let's see - or better hear - where you can hear differences of tone and clarity.
I have included different sound samples:

#1 - Introduction - 0:00
#2 - Metallica - Battery -1:41
#3 - Rammstein - Du Riechst So Gut - Pinch Harmonic Test - 2:04
#4 - Rammstein - Du Riechst So Gut - Tapping Test - 2:21
#5 - Metallica - Master Of Puppets - Guitar Solo Test - 2:39
#6 - System Of A Down - Aerials - Clean Signal Test - 3:34
#7 - Summary - 3:57
#8 - Raw Examples - 4:53
#9 - Endcard - 6:00

Furthermore I DID NO TWEAKING like I would do it on a fully produced mix. All I added was a low pass and a high pass filter to leave out frequencies that would hurt the ear and for the solo I added reverb. You can hear a true signal of the guitars through my amp without any post production.
Also for both guitars the sound setting is EXACTLY THE SAME!

GENRE: Metal

THANK YOU TO MY BF for shooting the video!

NOTE: I produced all the tracks by myself with VST Plugins and free mastering software. I am no skilled tone engineer or a Pro Gear YouTuber, so forgive me if it doesn't sound as tight as on other channels run by male colleagues.

Stay tuned and rock on!
Jassy // JJ's One Girl Band

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