One Song One Amp: Laney IRT Studio (clean, crunch, rock, leads & metal)

00:00 Clean Tones
00:55 Crunch Tones
01:42 Rock Tones
03:01 Solo Lead Tones
03:59 Metal Tones (w/Laney BCC Steel Park)
05:56 Clean Tones ISOLATED
06:51 Crunch Tones ISOLATED
07:38 Rock Tones ISOLATED
08:57 Solo Lead Tones ISOLATED
09:54 Metal Tones (w/Laney BCC Steel Park) ISOLATED

Notes about the 'One Song' series:

The idea for the 'One Song' series came about when I was trying to come up with a cool idea for my next EPIC/MEGA amp comparison with around 30 amps. So I came up with the idea of writing a song in multiple styles that would do a good job of 'testing' the versatility of an amp. It would start clean and end with metal. And I thought it could be interesting to use multiple guitars, so one for each section. Then I realised that it would be cool to release each amp's video individually first and when I'm all done I'll upload a compilation that would essentially be similar to all my other mega comparisons, including all the timecodes etc. This will be called: 'One Song, 30 Amps!'.

So that's the plan basically! However, I'm also planning on running the song through some modeling platforms to also demo those and see how well they can work with all the material in the song.

I've chosen to NOT use the same IRs for each segment this time because I want to use cab tones that the amps are 'comfortable' with. So don't view this as a direct comparison of the amps per say, but view it as an amp showcase that also allows you to hear how the amps function inside the song or inside the music, of course in comparison to one another in that sense! This will showcase the uniqueness of the amps more, which is more fun imho, and it also allows me to be a little bit more creative when reamping each amp. Plus: some of you guys will say 'they all sound the same' anyway and the different cab sounds will make the amps sound more interesting and unique!

For the metal segment I'll very likely use a boost pedal for most of the amps, just so you metalheads or djentheads can hear how a downtuned baritone with a boost sounds with the amp.

Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy this series and I hope I made the song interesting enough to listen to it a couple times (because I don't expect anyone to watch all 30 or more amp videos lol).


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