Opened 51 Winter Divine Chest-Dragon Mania Legends | Avalanche Dragon Dungeon | DML

Today i opened 51 divine chest in Winter Divine fest event and got 117 talisman, one vip tickets other rewards
in dungeons collected 35 divine tickets and 10 from cake craze event
in Sieg clan event complete one set of sprites
In Enchant arena complete five battles

Below are the this week event
Divine Dungeon-chance to loot the Avalanche Dragon, this special edition of the Bottomless Dungeon includes Divine Tickets inside every chest
Cake Craze : Collect ingredients, bake cakes and unlock milestone rewards, with the Jellyfish Dragon as the main prize!
Blitz Breeding: use the Jellyfish Dragon and the Costume Dragon to breed the Iceberg Dragon
Dragon of the Week : Costume Dragon

In Enchant arena Complete six win streak and sigil map four ballets
Collect all rewards in feeding event

Note : All Credit given to Gameloft and his associate partner team.
Music Used in this Video: Gameloft Dragon Mania legends Game (Gameloft, Carl Vaudrin)

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Opened 51 Winter Divine Chest-Dragon Mania Legends | Avalanche Dragon Dungeon | DMl
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