Our Trip To Congaree - where we stayed, behind the scenes, thoughts about new RV

Like 100,000 other folks this year, we visited SC’s only national park recently… Congaree National Park. In this follow up video about the trip we share with you a little more about why we chose this park and what we honestly think about the negative reviews of Congaree. We also show you around the place that we think you should camp when you’re visiting the park, Sesquicentennial State Park near Columbia, SC.

We also talk about Owen’s fuzzy memory of family events and while cooking hotdogs over the Solo Stove Lynn does some research to find a Winnebago Ekko van in stock so we can drop by and see one in person. Why? Well, we’re always thinking about the next chapter of our lives together and it’s time to start thinking about that next chapter. The “Adventure” chapter has been fun this past year but as we’re getting older maybe it’s time to think about calling the next chapter “Comfort”.

Speaking of chapters… Here are the chapters for this video:
0:00 Surprisingly Beautiful Hike Around Sesquicentennial State Park
04:34 Family Visit Brought Us Here
05:30 Owen has fuzzy memories about family events
08:05 Behind the scenes from our visit to Congaree National Park
11:00 How Does Congaree National Park Compare To Other National Parks… does it deserve it’s bad reviews?
12:50 Discussion About Chapters Of Our Lives… Next Chapter “Comfort”
14:47 Cooking Over Solo Stove Fire at Sesquicentennial State Park
15:20 Heading Back Home…
15:47 One Last Stop… Maggie’s Favorite Blue Sign

Items You See Us Use In Episodes:
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