Parallel Chords | Guitar Chord Lesson | Guitar Lessons #01

Let's take a look at chords you already know such as C, E, and G and turn them into something greater! These easily adaptable chords will make your music pop!

Intro | 0:00
C Chord Shape | 0:26
E Chord Shape | 3:37
G Chord Shape | 6:26
Combined Demo | 9:37

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Gear used:
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Boss Katana 100 (clean setting, used the octave generator through amp for bass sounds)
Walrus Audio Deep 6 v2 Compressor
Walrus Audio Monument v2 Tremolo
Boss CE 5
Strymon DIG
Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run Yeti
Strymon Big Sky
TC Electronic Ditto x4
Focusrite 4i4
Wondershare Filmorama
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