Paris - Guitar Cover (w Tab & Solo)

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For educational purposes.

Guitar Cover of Jorge Ferreira's Paris song from Mae Ja Partiste

There are two guitars in this song, left and right, with right channel for Solo.
I didn't do the squeals at the end, the original guitar is Eb to get them
right but i kept it for a standard tuned guitar for this video/tab.

Guitar - 2000 Ibanez RG270 - Tuned to E Standard

Amp - Valvestate AVT20 combo

Focus Rite Solo Gen 3 Audio Interface
Guitar Pro Tablature Program Version 7.5.5

Mixed it using Reaper DAW Version 5.99

Video Recorder - Samsung S9 Smartphone
Video Screen Recorder - ShareX Version 13.3
Video Editor – HitFilm Express Version 15

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