Peachtree Audio's Nova 220 SE integrated amp marries muscle and musicality

Having thoroughly enjoyed Peachtree Audio's Decco 65 last year, we found ourselves eager to see what the company would bring to CES 2014. As it turns out, what it brought is just as hot as the Decco 65, but with a healthy dose of testosterone and a sprinkling of finesse.

Like the Decco 65, the Nova 22o SE is an integrated amp -- there's no tuner, no video processing, and no complications. It's designed to reproduce stereo audio as cleanly and simply as possible, but, as the SE (special edition) badge implies, there's some special goodies under the hood.

For starters, the Nova 220 SE packs 220 watts per channel into an 8-ohm load, but if you have lower impedance speakers, it will deliver up to 400 watts into a 4-ohm load. That's the brawn, but the beauty in the sound -- the detail and warmth that makes you feel all fuzzy inside when you hear it -- comes from the amp's Class-A pre-amp section with tube buffer stage.

We heard the Nova 220 SE in action paired with a set of easily-driven Goldenear Triton Seven speakers as well as some notoriously difficult-to-drive Martin Logan Montis electrostatic speakers. In both cases, music reproduction sounded effortless. We're looking forward to getting a review sample in for a detailed look and listen. For now, enjoy how sexy this amp looks in action in our up-close video from Peachtree's Suite here at CES 2014.
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