Peavey Invective 120 & MH in-depth demo & review!

00:00 Introduction / Review Part 1 - Invective 120 -
03:41 Invective 120 Clean Channel (w/Laney BCC Secret Path Reverb)
04:58 Review Part 2
05:38 Invective 120 Clean Channel w/Boost
06:59 Review Part 3
09:18 Invective 120 Crunch Channel
10:25 Review Part 4
11:12 Invective 120 Lead Channel
12:14 Review Part 5
12:54 Invective 120 Lead Channel w/Boost (7-String)
14:08 Review Part 6
14:50 Invective 120 Lead Channel w/Boost (8-String)
16:11 Review Part 7
18:13 Review Part 8 - Invective MH -
20:00 Invective MH Clean Channel (7-String) (w/Laney BCC Secret Path Reverb)
21:15 Review Part 9
22:13 Invective MH Lead Channel (w/Boost)
23:55 Review Part 10

Thanks for watching my review & demo of the Peavey Invective 120 & MH (mini head) amps. These 120 and 20 watt tube amps were co-designed by Misha Mansoor (Bulb) from Periphery and Peavey. They took the elements from the 5150 and 6505 amps that they liked and built on those concepts, adding a lot of great new features and sounds!

Guitars used in this video:
- Schecter SLS C1 P
- PRS SE Zach Myers
- ESP LTD Deluxe Phoenix 1000
- ESP LTD SC-607B1H Stephen Carpenter (Deftones) 7-String Baritone
- ESP LTD SC-608B Stephen Carpenter 8-String Baritone
- ESP LTD NW-44 Neil Westfall

Pedals used in this video:
- Laney Black Country Customs Secret Path Reverb Pedal

Plugins used in this video (for IR loading):
- Line 6 Helix Native

Impulse Responses used in this video:
- OwnHammer V30 and V30+H25 Workhorse Collections:

For more information about the Peavey Invective amps, visit this page:

Thanks for watching! Please drop a comment down below as I'd love to know your thoughts! Also subscribe along with the bell and follow SDS at:

Disclaimer: I made a special deal for these amps but I can assure you that I always give my honest opinions on ALL the gear I review whether I purchased the gear myself or not.

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