Penalties (and next steps) | Sustainable Monetized Websites

Aurora Morales and her two co-hosts: Organic(a) and Monetized explain what manual actions and publisher policy violations are and what you can do to prevent and resolve these issues. Learn how to make your monetized website compliant with Google’s search and ad policies.

How do I know if my site is hacked? →
Manual Actions report →
AdSense Policy Center →
Understand the Google Publisher Policies and Google Publisher Restrictions →

00:00 Introduction
1:06 Manual actions
1:35 Why manual actions exist
2:28 Types of contents that might get flagged
3:10 What if I was hacked?
3:53 Publisher policy violations
4:45 Google Publisher Policies
5:10 Google Publisher Restrictions
6:29 Solving manual actions
7:04 When will I know the outcome?
7:30 Fixing publisher policy issues
9:18 When will I know the outcome?
9:58 What’s next

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Do you create or manage content online and monetize it? This series takes you through the policies, guidelines, best practices and tools available to you, to ensure you’re creating sustainable monetized websites.

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