"Pick of the Day" - 1970 Gibson ES-335 and PRS Dallas 1x12

A mix of new and old is what we have today, a killer 1970 Gibson ES-335 and a 2009 PRS Dallas 1x12 combo! As you likely know, these semi-hollow guitars from Gibson are some of the most popular and versatile instruments out there, and has been a staple of their lineup for a long time. This one is in fantastic condition, plays great, and has that killer sound that 335 lovers are after! Today we've got Trevor here to tell you all about it before handing things off to Karl for a demo through a super cool 2009 PRS 1x12 combo, a flexible amp wrapped in an awesome custom finish, and designed by Doug Sewell.

For more information on the guitar or amp, please give us a call as both of these just arrived!

Music: The Hollers "Something Real" (Instrumental)
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