Playing with HF Oscillator (Teslaundmehr Plasma Flame)

I left Rambo alone and pulled the mosfet from an SSTC to test this circuit and it's interesting how I never took the time to learn about this oscillator, or that it doesn't seem to be all across the internet used in this HF application. I suppose it's not as efficient to try building a slot jammer out of this circuit or even just a wireless power transmitter because it will pull too much current just to light tubes etc, but I could easily use a different transistor to increase efficiency. Only reason I got into this is by finding Teslaundmehr's earlier HF circuit online but this is obviously not some new kind of oscillator application. I was able to push 20mhz with my other mosfet (Rambo) in the first circuit but when trying to go that high with this 460 the draw becomes too much. That 20 mhz was impressive though and it would have been ideal for wireless lighting of various bulbs and gases. A Slayer Exciter style circuit is also incredibly easy but the tuning process might not be as simple as just rotating a knob on a capacitor. I've seen hundreds of Exciters over the years but very few of these HF oscillators in these kinds of builds unless they were literally inside radios.

So far this circuit seems to work very similar to my last one after ditching the electrolytic cap and using a smaller sized RFC on the slug. My very first one of these used about a 4uF PP cap on the rails and while I've noticed slight changes in circuit operation when fine tuning this value I've never seen significant enough changes to tinker too much with it. It may be beneficial to fine tune this with small capacitors though and I'm sure others aren't doing it for no reason.

And holy crapballs the God Steve Ward has just dropped a new video showing an HFSSTC he's been working on using a SiC fet and similar values to Teslaundmehr's recent circuit. His output and efficiency is absolutely insane throwing a completely ridiculous flame out and it's pushing close to 1000 watts on a small heatsink without even getting hot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3rRKujv0UU
Can't wait to get details on what he's running.
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