PREGNANT Cheerleader KICKED Off Team, REGRETS Her Decision

Shalom bbys it’s Piper Rockelle. Hope your day is great but better watching pregnant cheerleader kicked off team regrets her decision. I’m so happy to be sharing these videos with you again. Today a teen cheerleader made some bad decisions and is now faced with a life changing decision. Watch until the end to see what she decides. Comment a difficult decision you may have been faced with.

Being a pregnant teen can be
confusing overwhelming and scary.
A pregnant teen might be wondering how to break the news to their boyfriend and parents, what they will choose for their pregnancy, how this will effect finishing school, and what their friends will say about them. As hard as it may be, they will be faced with a difficult decision however no one should pressure them into anything. Remember the best way to prevent teen pregnancy is abstinence.

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(THIS VIDEO IS SCRIPTED, AND FOR ENTERTAINMENT. no one was harmed and there's no substance use in this video)

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