Price Predicting AMP Token ($AMP) with Cash Registers

Predicting AMP price with a cash register? How does that work. In this video, I'll show you. Ready for some correlated and unusual due diligence?

Are you interested in unusual due diligence around the amp token, flexa networks, and... cash registers? Then this video is for you!

By using the national cash register we can see correlations forming with Flexa Network's use of the AMP token. Based on this unusual due diligence, the argument is the price of the NCR Corporation and the AMP Token are correlated. NCR, or national cash register corporation, and the Flexa Network are starting to trade in this surprising pattern. With this information you'll be able to design a price prediction approach, if this theory holds any water.


The b plot for this video involves a zombie escape of plague infected bears as Optimus Prime drives near the NCR building. It's up to batman and the dynamic bear duo to save the day. Every video has a B plot because this is Unusual Due Diligence.


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These videos contain toy action figures photographed by the channel host.
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