PRS Guitars SE Silver Sky | Tone Report Demo

All the tone at half the price. The high-flying PRS is more affordable than ever. In partnership with PRS, watch Andy take the new SE Silver Sky to soaring heights.
Shop the PRS SE Silver Sky: https://bit.ly/PRS-SE-Silver-Sky
Learn more on Reverb: https://bit.ly/The-SE-Silver-Sky-Is-Here

Andy's Set-Up:
Amp: Hamstead Artist 60, 1x12”
Pedals: Shnobel Daily Driver, Blammo! Blues Blaster, Crazy Tube Circuits Memphis Vibrato
Recording Gear: Universal Audio Apollo 8 QUAD, OX Amp Top Box, de Lisle Amp-Speaker Switcher 4x4 Pro Plus, Royer R-121 Mic
Drums: Stefan Pötzsch
Cables: Sinasoid, Evidence SIS & Revelation Guitar Cables

*From time to time, brands and builders send Reverb free gear to test and review, some of which may have been included in this video.
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