PRS MT15 How much is 7 Watt for real???

In this video the Paul Reed Smith MT15 lunchbox tubeamp is getting pushed to the maximum output power that it can deliver. This time in the low wattage setting. Were going to find out if its only just 7 Watts?!? The measurement method i use is pretty simple and it can be performed to any other amplifier to calculate the P_rms output power.

But at first you hear a few riffs from this enormous sounding lead channel in my favorite setting.

Link to my firs video about th MT15 checking out the 15W mode:


Gear Used
Guitar: Peavy Vortex EXP
Amp: PRS MT15 - 7 W mode
Cab/Mic: NUX Solid Studio - Dual IR-loader with Ownhammer 4x12 Mesa IR
Audio Interface: UAD apollo | twin
Volume control: Nobles A/B Switcher
Dummy Load: 15 Ohm Resistor; 150 W

Oscilloscope: Hanmatek DOS1102

Camera1: Olympus OM-D E-M10 MarkII
Camera3: Panasonix HC-V750
Camera4: Huawei P30

Measuring-SW: Arta
Audiorecording: Cubase 11 Artist & Audacity
Videoediting: Movie Studio 16 Platinum
Flowchart / Diagram: draw.io

If you like more measurements on Guitar or Bass Equipment, or especially for the MT15 - like frequency responses / etc., just let me know.

...and i promise i will improve my English skills ;)
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