PRS MT15 - The Best Rock Lunchbox Guitar Amp?

The PRS MT15 Mark Tremonti singnature Amplifier has been around for a good few year. The Studio Rats always on the pulse erhmmm! have just decided to give this high gain banger a run through in the studio.

The Mark Tremonti MT15 is designed to cover a wide range of gain sounds, to match Mark Tremonti’s style of playing which covers everything from clean fingerpicking to articulate riffing and soaring lead guitar sounds. The MT15 has two channels and is powered by 6L6 valves for clean headroom and modern “American-style” overdrives. This is Tremonti’s first signature amplifier and adds to his collection of PRS guitars, delivering his versatile modern rock/metal tones to countless guitar players.
Dual Channel Versatility

The MT15 has two channels covering clean and drive sounds. The clean channel has an additional Push Boost to create a vintage-style crunch, while the drive channel has independent gain/level controls to cover the high-gain lead and rhythm sounds. The 6L6 valves give you great clarity and headroom in the clean tones, with a modern-sounding saturation in the high gain tones.

Each channel has independent EQ for tonal sculpting and, between the two channels, you’ll be able to craft every gain level imaginable from crystal clean to crunch, going into articulate riffing tones and all-out saturation for solos. No matter what gain sound you dial in, the amplifier creates a smooth tone that is highly sympathetic for guitar players.
Professional Connectivity

The MT15 has an effects loop letting you connect your pedals between the preamp/power amp, while the multiple speaker outputs let you get connected to different speaker cabinets (such as the MT 1×12 Cabinet). The amp has a half-power 7 watt mode which lets you achieve the same valve saturation at a more sensible volume-level; ideal for home practice or recording sessions.

15 Watt output through 6L6 power amp tubes
Half-power 7 watt mode
Two channels: clean and drive
Clean channel has additional “Pull Boost” for crunchy sounds
Drive channel has independent gain and volume controls
Independent EQ across two channels
FX loop
Portable lunchbox chassis


Type: Valve head
Power: 15W / 7W Switchable
Gain Channel: Gain, Master, Treble, Middle, Bass
Clean Channel: Volume, Treble (with pull boost), Middle, Bass
Global: Presence, Channel Switch, Standby, Power
Connectivity: FX Loop (send/return), Guitar in
Extension Speaker Jacks: 3
Ohms: 8ohms (2 x parallel), 16 ohms (1x)
Power Tubes: 2 x 6L6GCMS
Preamp Tubes: 6x JJ EC83S
Dimensions: 35.56cm x 20.32cm x 18.42cm (W x D x H with feet)
Weight: 8.07 kg
The Studio Rats are core band members Paul Drew on guitar/production/mixing, drummer James Ivey and Dan Hawkins on bass. They collaborate with singers and musicians to produce radio-ready songs.

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