PRS MT15 vs ENGL Fireball 25! (the 'little' 6L6 amps)

Thanks for watching this comparison / demo / review of the PRS MT15 and ENGL Fireball 25 lunchbox guitar tube amps. Both are small amps with big 6L6 power tubes.

00:00 Introduction
01:21 Discussing the differences between the amps
05:46 PRS MT15 Clean
06:48 ENGL Fireball 25 Clean
07:56 Isolated A/B comparison Clean
09:01 Isolated A/B comparison Clean Same IR
10:27 PRS MT15 Crunch
11:30 ENGL Fireball 25 Crunch
12:39 Isolated A/B comparison Crunch
13:45 Isolated A/B comparison Crunch Same IR
15:22 PRS MT15 Heavy Rock
16:27 ENGL Fireball 25 Heavy Rock
17:49 Isolated A/B comparison Heavy Rock
18:58 Isolated A/B comparison Heavy Rock Same IR
20:29 PRS MT15 Metal
22:00 ENGL Fireball 25 Metal
23:39 Isolated A/B comparison Metal
25:15 Isolated A/B comparison Metal Same IR

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