PRS Silver Sky Comparison! - The New SE vs Original USA Core Model - Key Differences & Features!

Dagan explains the main differences and features between both the stunning PRS John Mayer Signature models, the all new PRS SE Silver Sky, and the PRS USA Core Silver Sky!

Watch our FULL review & demo of the new PRS SE Silver Sky John Mayer Model at PMTVUK here - https://youtu.be/2qvBwypsJzI

The PRS Silver Sky took the world by storm when it was unleashed in 2018, Paul Reed Smith & John Mayer joined forces to craft a beautiful guitar that had the vibe and feel of a vintage instrument, but with modern touches and features for todays guitarist! Ever since the USA Core model was released everyone has been craving a more affordable SE version of the PRS Silver Sky, and here it is! Check out the key differences and features between the original and this new SE in this video!

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00:00 Intro jam
00:20 Intro
01:11 Main Differences
03:50 Colours Available
04:17 Bridge/Tremolo
04:46 635JM Pickups
05:41 Other Differences - Neck
07:00 Rosewood Fingerboard
09:35 Headstock
10:35 Final Thoughts

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