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pso2 ngs braver
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Jump into PSO2! The long awaited online action RPG is now available in North America on Xbox One. Create your ARKS operative and play for free today!

Braver can use two weapon types, perfect for both close and long-ranged combat!
Braver also has class skills that enhance their recovery, making it a balanced and adaptive class!

To get started with Braver you can do so at the Class Counter!
Be sure to expand the class selection box under Techer so that it's viewable for selection.

Braver Class Skills

Brave Combat (Active Skill/For Braver Weapons Only)
Reduces PP consumption and increases attack PP recovery for a fixed time. Using the skill again while already activated will launch a powerful attack.

Resta Effect Amplifier
Increases HP recovery amount when you use Restasigne.

Katana Guard Counter Advanced (Katana Only)
Adds a shockwave to the Counter when performing a Perfect Guard with Weapon Action.

Bow Elusion Plus (Bow Only)
Using a Weapon Action while pressing the directional pad at just the right time after releasing a Photon Art will make you slide while attacking.

--Braver Photon Arts--

Silverleaf Storm
Katana Photon Art. Releases a forward slash after a swift sword draw. Multiple uses release alternate attacks.

Iris Gale
Katana Photon Art. Mows down nearby enemies after a swift sword draw. Multiple uses release alternate attacks.

Lotus Lightning
Katana Photon Art. Releases manifold shockwaves in a straight line after charging your sword. Multiple uses release alternate attacks.

Flex Arrow
Bow Photon Art. Fires homing arrows. Can be charged up to two power levels to release different attacks.

Frenzied Firework
Bow Photon Art. Scatters arrows all around when you hit an enemy. Charge to launch an alternate attack.

Dimensional Ray
Bow Photon Attack. A bow from an alternate dimension rains arrows on enemies. Charging will cause the bow to teleport and release homing attacks when you land hits with other Photon Arts.

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