Puddle of Mudd - Never Change

it's been awhile... here we have a super easy tune to play along to. From their 2001 album - Come Clean, this is Track #8 Never Change.

Tuning is: C# G# C# F# A# D#

Gear: 1984 4010 Marshall JCM800 50W Combo, hot rodded with the Legendary Tones "Lynch Mod"
Guitar: 2003 PRS Tremonti SE with a Tremonti USA Bridge P/U & D'Addario 10's

The sound is coming straight from the Marshall. I'm plugged straight into the amp, no pedals were used during this song.

Amp Settings:
Pre-Amp - 8
Master Volume - 1
Treble - 4
Middle - 5
Bass - 3
Presence - 8
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