Python Django Ecommerce CRUD and UUID - Managing multiple addresses

We are back here in the Python Django Ecommerce Project. This Django project is aimed at getting you started with Django and moving you into more advanced topics as the project progresses. In this tutorial we go through the process of further normalizing the accounts table to allow users to save more than one address. We build in Django a new address table and then start to update the UI in the dashboard, finally we work through a simple CRUD feature with Django views.

00:00 Introduction
00:21 Preview of build features
02:09 Workflow
02:29 Database update preview
05:25 Download repository
05:28 How to run the project code
06:30 Account model changes

DB Development
07:12 Start changing the account table model
09:43 Actually making changes (sorry about the chatting)
12:45 Introducing the UUID field
18:00 Fixing problems with the changes we made in the account model
24:01 Turn off the Django debug toolbar

UI Changes
26:39 Making changes to the dashboard UI

36:54 Building the URLS for the address CRUD system
46:45 Add address
56:42 Edit address
01:03:06 Delete address
01:04:30 Set default address

Final Code:

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