Quad Cortex - Stock Amp Captures

I’ve now moved into looking at & trying out “Captures” of Amps, Pre-Amps & Drive pedals on the Neural Quad Core. I’m very impressed & love the fact that “You get what you get” & don’t need to tweak at all. I go through a low gain Bogner Fish Preamp & a High Gain capture, then get into the CAE Pre-Amp & eventually add an Xotic SL(1) drive pedal………Then I test out the Uber High Gain PRS MT15 (Mark Tremonti) signature amp head capture. It’s spot on to the real tube version I owned & loved. All of these stock captures have no tweaks by me at all & I’m playing fairly loud through 2 Friedman ASC-10’s in the video. Peace! X
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