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Hey there, I'm Kasif Sayyed aka PaRaDoX / kliche and welcome to my channel. I stream regularly on YouTube. I like to stream because I like to showcase my skills. Hope you have fun watching ;) !

► INSTAGRAM for updates: https://www.instagram.com/paradox.kasif

► My ID Link : steamcommunity.com/id/kasif

►Specifications :
Gaming PC -
Processor - AMD Ryzen 5800x (OC 4.95ghz)
Motherboard - Aorus X570 Elite Wifi
Ram - 4 x 8GB 3200MHz Gskill Trident Z RGB (OC to 3600MHz)
Graphics card - Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition
Monitor - BenQ Zowie XL2546k 240hz 0.5ms
Cabinet - LianLi Dynamic PC-O11 XL Black
Power supply - Corsair RM850x Gold
Storage - Intel NVMe 512gb, WD Blue NVMe 512gb, Toshiba 2TB HDD.
Cooler - Aorus 240 AIO

Streaming PC -
Processor - AMD Ryzen 1800x 3.9ghz
Motherboard - Gigabyte AX370 K7 Gaming
Ram - 4 x 8GB 3200MHz Gskill Trident Z RGB (DC to 2933MHz)
Graphics card - Zotac Geforce GTX 1070 AMP! Extreme
Monitor - Samsung CFG70 24" Curved 144Hz
Cabinet - Cooler Master Trooper SE
Power supply - Corsair AX 1600i
Storage - Samsung 256gb Evo 860, Kingston A400 128gb, Seagate Firecuda 2TB, Barracuda 3TB.
Cooler - Deepcool Castle 240 White

Accessories -
Keyboard - Corsair K95 Platinum RGB, HyperX Alloy FPS Red Swtich
Mouse - Glorious Model O Wireless Matte White, Razer Viper, Glorious Model O Matte White, Steelseries Rival 600, Logitech G403
Headset - CoolerMaster MB650, Corsair Void Pro
Mousepad - Steelseries Qck+ Howl, Steelseries Qck+ Frost Blue, Steelseries Qck+ Hyper Beast, Zowie GSR-SE Blue
Camera - Logitech C920 Pro

►About me:
Name : Kasif Sayyed
Age : 20
Location : Mumbai

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