RAID: Shadow Legends | Doom Tower Update | 2 New Bosses

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We announced a new Doom Tower Rotation and two new Bosses in our What’s Next In Raid video, and now the time has come to meet them in person. Bommal the Dreadhorn and Astranyx the Dark Fae are both tough customers, and beating them isn’t going to be easy.

But don’t worry, this video will delve into their Skills, strengths, and weaknesses. They have… quite a few, and some of the most unique mechanics in Raid. We have a few tips you can use to prepare for this intense new challenge.

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0:00 Intro
0:29 Bommal the Dreadhorn
0:40 Rain of Bombs Skill
01:07 Magma Flood Skill
01:36 Ruinous Crush Skill
01:51 Dread Minions Skill
02:16 Detonation [Passive] Skill
02:25 Short Fuse [Passive] Skill
03:17 Pressure Wave [Passive] Skill
04:03 Tips
05:06 Fortitude Set
05:27 Astranyx the Dark Fae
05:45 Fae Mirror [Passive] Skill
06:34 Dark Abduction Skill
07:49 Faerie Storm Skill
08:15 Dark Tendrils Skill
09:16 Darklight Beams Skill
09:33 Key to victory
11:15 Lethal Set

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