Rare Cold War slide film we discovered in a school of Pripyat

In this video, we will show the Cold War-era civil defense slide set we found in Pripyat. These slides were intended for school lessons and depict the principles of operation of dosimetry equipment and showcase the design and use of some of the most popular Soviet dosimeters of the time. Many of these dosimeters later became iconic and were widely used during the Chornobyl disaster elimination.

The restoration of this, at first glance, usual slide set sheds light on an important piece of history - nuclear-war-focused education in the scope of civil defense. These slides offer a glimpse into how civilians were trained to protect themselves during the Cold War era, showcasing the technology and scientific understanding of radiation at the time.

However, when the Chornobyl disaster occurred, much of this training became obsolete as civilians were faced with a different type of radiation exposure. Nonetheless, these slides provide a fascinating look into the development of radiation monitoring equipment. Be sure to hit the like button, comment and share the video with your friends.

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