Recording Clean Guitar Tracks In My Home Recording Studio - New Song (Part 1)

This video is me re-recording a song I wrote ten years ago. I am recording two guitars in this video. One is a PRS Custom 24 with Lindy Fralin P90's running through a Fender Blues Jr. amp. That amp is mic'd up with an Earthworks TC20 going through an Apogee Ensemble Preamp into Logic Pro X. The second guitar is a Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis Signature Series arch top going through a Roland JC22 Jazz Chorus amp. That amp is mic'd up with an Earthworks TC20 and a Neumann TLM 103 going through Apogee Ensemble Preamps. After I recorded the initial tracks I ran them through a Manley Massive Passive EQ and a Manley Variable Mu Compressor. The bass line to this song is super fun and I'll be recording that in the next video. I will be adding drums and probably some vocals too. Once the song is done I will put it out in full and I am also going to do one mix without the vocals and put it out as a backing track for guitar practice/jamming. Hope you enjoy.
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