Recording with Apollo Solo and Apollo Twin + Comparison

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In this video I show you how to setup your Universal Audio Apollo Solo and Apollo Twin audio interfaces to get started recording quickly. I go over how to connect your Apollo Solo or Apollo Twin, how to use the Universal Audio Console software and how to best use the Universal Audio plugins. I also show you how to use the Unison plugin (unison preamps) to get the best out of your recordings. This video includes sample recordings. I also go through the difference between the Apollo Solo and Twin interfaces. This is the best video if you’re new to Universal Audio interfaces or if you’re thinking about buying one of these interfaces.

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0:00 About this video
1:08 Start setup
1:31 Connect speakers and headphones
2:18 DAW setup & latency
2:50 Connect a mic
3:02 Buttons and knobs
3:30 Recording sample
3:54 About Unison plugins
4:39 Recording with Unison Preamps
5:13 UA plugins vs other plugins
5:53 Maximizing plugins
6:12 Using effects in Console
6:59 Luna DAW?
7:33 Sponsor: DistroKid
8:32 Solo vs Twin features

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