Reposted with Audio Volume Increased -- Full Test on Seas FA22RCZ 8" Fullrange Driver

I test the Seas FA22RCZ 8" Fullrange Driver.

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Troy Joseph Crowe is a small business located in Canada. He offers custom audio products such as wood horns and speaker cabinet design. He provides services to either individuals, small businesses, or start-ups. All of His designs are available for personal use in the form of 3D CAD files or CNC G-Code. If using for commercial use then licensing may be required for certain technologies. Joseph Crowe has a background in Mechanical Engineering Technology with extensive experience in both the Audio Industry and the Automotive Industry. All design work is done using SolidWorks 3D CAD modeling software. His focus is on audiophile two-channel music systems for the most accurate sound reproduction. Joseph Crowe follows a very methodical design process. Using acoustical and electrical measurement, along with various computer simulations, he can achieve designs that meet or exceed the original performance
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